MT4 Exness

MetaTrader is a quality standard all over the world. Millions of traders use this platform to develop professionally and explore new financial markets. Now stocks are worth their weight in gold, so there is no alternative to the stable and well running MT4 Exness. Trading depends on many factors. The most important one is extensive analytics. The analytical section of the platform is record-breaking, so experienced traders and brokers always choose this utility. 

You can download MetaTrader 4 Exness from the official website of a brokerage company. Since the resource is focused on different funds and markets, the application is specially customized for the exchange. Its functionality is very high. In addition, MT4 can be downloaded on all devices without exception. It is excellent news for users who prefer the mobile phone to the computer. Forex broker is also on top of it. For the Forex market, MT4 gets the best reviews on the Internet. 

We created this article for new users who are just learning how to trade. In this article, you can find information not only about the platform for activity but also about Exness brokerage company, which is the leader of the Internet. 


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How Exness MT4 download free 

Most exchanges that support MetaTrader 4 set a commission or fee for using the platform. It is justified, as the best internet platform is paid. But if a trader or broker wants to save money, Exness is an excellent choice. The utility is available completely free if the user downloads it through the official website. Financial markets are open 24 hours a day, so the exchange application is not a beta version, but a full-fledged MT4. 

Exness Platform MT4 is available on such devices: 

  • Windows, iMAC, Linux;

  • Android, iOS. 

Exness trading platform became one of the first initiators of mobile Forex. Forex broker supports many functions. Among them, there are analytics, table building and some other unique tools. Technical requirements for download Exness MetaTrader 4 are small because in the settings you can set the desired power yourself. Also, clients use MT4 as an information source. You do not need the most powerful devices for that. 

The functionality of the Exness platform MT4 

MetaTrader 4 is multifunctional but easy to use. Initially, the platform appeared as a resource, with the help of which you can implement and invent strategies. Financial markets always require different complexity conditions in MT4 to track trade orders easily. There are two types of execution on Forex broker - urgent and gradual. In broad markets, the second type of implementation is more popular. 


MT4 Exness2


Technical analysis is a strength of MetaTrader 4 Exness. The arsenal of tools is as follows:

  • 23 objects for analytics;

  • 30 technical indicators. 

Traders receive information in a short time. Most often, MT4 informs about market price changes (especially in Forex). Economic news type helps to add information to the updates. Clients will get access to international news and even to closed world services. 

Access to TC.TA (Analytics Indicator) is another positive side of using a brokerage application. TC.TA is original and works with Trading Central. 

Despite the criticism of automation, MT4 offers loyal conditions to it. Automated trading advisors help to make operations on financial markets without brokers intervention. Such trading takes only a few minutes, and its import does not exceed ten. All scripts are official, so there can be no fraud in Exness. Only healthy competition and responsibility for risks.

All accounts are protected with a 128-bit key, so MT4 security system exceeds all expectations. Protection is a priority for traders and brokers, as well as for ordinary observers and analysts. MetaTrader 4 is the only platform that can secure clients even at significant rates exceeding $5000.